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Personal security

The tasks of personal security are carried out only by experienced security workers, with qualifications and passing regular training conducted by experts in the field of direct security of individuals.

Security of property

Physical security of property is performed by the constant presence of the Physical Security Team members within the boundaries of the protected object. The workers are equipped with the necessary coercive measures, wireless connectivity for contact with the Intervention Team and uniformed according to the findings with the customer.

Monitoring and interventions

Monitoring of the objects is certainly the cheapest and effective form of security. Twenty-four hour electronic monitoring system combined with quick and efficient intervention groups guarantee a constant sense of safety.

Security of clubs and mass events

From the beginning of our activity we have provided the security services of events and concerts. We have really great experience in this field. We deal with the security and assistance in the organization of all without exception kinds of events - from football matches, through concerts, discos, to banquets and meetings.

Pyrotechnic identification

Special security team conducts comprehensive identification of pyrotechnics using a service dog during the execution of tasks for personal security, security of television productions, concerts and public events as well as other kinds of implementation in the broad scope of the security.

Convoys and Collection

Escorts service consists of the transport and protection of money, valuable items and other items needing protection using a special-purpose vehicle – a bank car. Escorting team is equipped with firearms combat, communication and technical measures necessary for the safe performance of such a task.

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There are people who expect more from the security than others. These expectations refer to specifically understood safety. Security tasks should not be limited only to the presence besides your home, business or the protected person. It also means to work effectively during a robbery, kidnapping attempts and other acts of terror, and the most important to prevent them. Safety is a basic human need. Every day we hear reports of acts of violence, which shatters our sense of security. Depressing reality makes more and more people use the personal or technical security.
The opinions and needs of such people led us to creation of Security Bureau "GOLIAT" and the development of various methods for effective action. We know that the costs of our services on the market saturated with security agencies are not competitive. However, one should realize that professional and comprehensive security requires large expenditures. It is difficult to require that the security worker stands on the firing line or opposed the armed aggressors for the minimum wage.

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